Zoom-In 2020

Zoom-In is a screening series and thesis showcase.
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3 weeks

Solo Project


Art Direction
Brand Identity
Print Design
The 2020 edition was held at Lenfest Center for the Arts, Columbia University in February. The program continues to investigate classical problems for our field (documentary, montage, adaptation) as well as issues emerging from today’s media ecologies.

Organized by the MA Film and Media Studies Class of 2020. Co-sponsored by the Film & Media Studies MA program and the Interdisciplinary Arts Council.
I designed the visual system for Zoom-In 2020. I also presented my documentary short Be Water in conjunction with my MA thesis “Be Water, My Friend: The Political, the Social, and the Aesthetic in Hong Kong as a ‘State of Exception’”.

Logo & Color

Animated Poster - 1920 x 1080

Double-sided Poster - 2 versions 11 x 17”

Tri-Fold posters - 11 x 17”

Module Flyers - 1920x1080

Program - 5.5 x 8.5”

Module Flyers - 1920x1080