5PMFM Music Festival

A city pop music festival

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IDA 2021 International Design Awards, Silver in Multimedia / Website Design; Honorable Mention in Brand Identity



9 weeks

Team Project

Yina Shan


Art Direction
Brand Identity
UI/ UX Design
Print Design
5PMFM is a two-day city pop music festival in New York City in February 2021. After a long period of stasis in 2020, we hope to bring to the city a whiff of warm summer air and the feeling of freedom and escape.

City pop is a subgenre of pop music that originated in the ‘70s in Japan. At the peak of its popularity in the ‘80s, city pop came to encompass a wide range of music styles with noticeable Western influence: funk, jazz, disco, synth-pop. Yet, being situated within the country’s economic boom, it manifested a romanticization of the reviving urban life.

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